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Chart Logo Ayurveda, a Holistic Path

      Ayurveda provides a clear, concise, cohesive regimen to help people restore balance and health in their mind and body in a natural way. Yet it is much more than just very effective holistic treatments. Ayurveda, literally "Science of Life," provides a complete system of preventive medicine and health care which has proven its effectiveness over thousands of years in India.

      Western medicine has made significant progress in treating many diseases; however it has trouble curing major diseases of an aging population such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Additionally, it emphasizes the treatment of symptoms and diseases through drug therapy.

       Ayurveda takes a different approach to achieve good health. It looks at the whole person to eliminate the cause of disease through natural therapies.

       Ayurveda is also compatible with Western medicine. An increasing number of doctors are incorporating Ayurveda into their regular practice to provide a synergistic effect.

       Ayurveda can improve health and help prevent serious illness through simple dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and purification techniques, that restore balance to your body.

       Ayurveda tailors treatment to specific individuals, depending on their body type and state of balance. Two people with the same disease may require different treatment. Western medicine has no method to account for this by itself.

       Many of you have heard Dr. Deepak Chopra describe the wonderful benefits that Ayurveda provides. Learn how you can apply it in your life to make it richer, fuller, and happier. It is destined to transform modern medicine to provide a new emphasis on prevention of disease rather than simply treatment of disease.

Balance iconAyurveda Almanac is a computer program that provides quick and easy access to holistic information about Ayurveda, tailored specifically for you. Determine your Mind/Body Type to learn about yourself and what nurtures you, and get a Nutrition Guide personalized for you. Learn how to examine your body for early signs of disease before symptoms appear so that you can restore balance in your system and prevent disease. All of this can be done with Ayurveda Almanac!

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world health
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