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Chart Logo Benefits of Ayurveda Almanac

There are numerous benefits to the insight that Ayurveda Almanac provides you. Ayurveda Almanac can determine your Mind/Body Type, Personalized Nutrition Guide, and Balance Analysis. Many of the benefits of these analyses are listed below. Additionally, Ayurveda Almanac provides a comprehensive reference for quick access to very helpful information on Ayurveda, the science of life.

  • Helps you to understand why you react to situations and circumstances in the way that you do - this helps you to cope with situations, circumstances, other people and stress.

  • Find out what foods are best for you and which foods tend to imbalance you - make the choices that are best for you.

  • Find out what sport activities/exercises are best suited for your body type - you will have a natural aptitude and attraction to certain activies and exercises.

  • Learn how seasons can affect your moods and how to deal effectively with it - you may have noticed how your moods and natural reactions can change as the seasons change. This analysis helps you to better understand how to deal with that.

  • Take appropriate steps when you see signs of imbalance for your Mind/Body Type - watch for the signs that imbalance is occurring so that you can take steps to restore balance when it is easiest to treat the imbalance.

  • Reduce negative reactions to stress - the food you eat impacts how you react to stressful situations - make it a positive impact instead of a negative one.

Balance iconAyurveda Almanac is a computer program that provides quick and easy access to holistic information about Ayurveda, tailored specifically for you. Determine your Mind/Body Type to learn about yourself and what nurtures you, and get a Nutrition Guide personalized for you. Learn how to examine your body for early signs of disease before symptoms appear so that you can restore balance in your system and prevent disease. All of this can be done with Ayurveda Almanac!

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