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Depression is characterized by melancolic feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and pessimism. It may be caused by tension, stress, poor diet, sugar, mononucleosis, hormonal disorders, headache, or allergies. Common origins of depression include: the inability to mourn or express grief, bottled-up anger or aggression turned inward, heredity, learned behavior for getting attention or controlling relationships, biochemical imbalance from amino acid and other nutrient deficiencies, and drug induced depression. Depression becomes a problem when it interferes with normal activities. According to Ayurveda, depression is a classic sign of imbalance in the body. Prolonged depression can cause many further complications if left uncorrected.

Typical symptoms of depression include:

Although modern society is fostering poor health in many ways, simple methods can be used to counteract negative effects and significantly improve health and vitality.

Ayurveda, the "Science of Life," provides a clear, concise, cohesive regimen to help people correct conditions such as depression in a natural way. Yet it is much more than just very effective holistic treatments. It provides a complete system of preventive medicine and health care which has proven its effectiveness over thousands of years in India.

The computer program, Ayurveda Almanac, helps determine the source of imbalance in your body and makes recommendations to restore balance. Ayurveda Almanac uses artificial intelligence software to examine your body and its waste products to determine the cause of imbalance in your system. It is important to treat the source of the problem rather than just temporarily alleviate symptoms.

Balance iconAyurveda Almanac is a computer program that provides quick and easy access to holistic information about Ayurveda, tailored specifically for you. Determine your Mind/Body Type to learn about yourself and what nurtures you, and get a Nutrition Guide personalized for you. Learn how to examine your body for early signs of disease before symptoms appear so that you can restore balance in your system and prevent disease. All of this can be done with Ayurveda Almanac!