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world health

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Mind / Body Type Analysis - This unique web application determines your Mind/Body Type. Everyone is born with a specific Mind/Body type that influences the way you look, act, and think. Get insight into your basic nature. It helps you to understand why you tend to react to situations and circumstances in the way that you do.

Ayurvedic Nutrition Guide - Try this Ayurvedic Nutrition Guide to find the dietary recommendations that are right for you. Typical nutritional guidelines lump everyone together, recommending the same thing for all people, all of the time. However people are different! Don't settle for one-size-fits-all guidelines. This personal nutrition analysis shows what is right for you!

Balance Analysis - Find out if you have any early signs that could lead to disease. Restore balance and treat disease at an early stage when it is easy to treat. Catch it before it catches you. Balance is the key to a healthy life filled with vitality. Most people don't realize when their system has gone out of balance. They may feel a little less energetic or not quite up to par. The next thing they know, they've come down with a cold or the flu or some other disease that could have been prevented by recognizing the imbalance and taking steps to restore balance.

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Analysis - Try this on-line comprensive Ayurvedic Analysis which includes all of the above analyses for one low price. Get your Mind/Body Type Analysis, personalized Nutrition Guide, Balance Analysis and Report for Restoring Balance. This one does it all!

Health Index - Reference Directory of Health Conditions and Diseases.

About Ayurveda Website with detailed information on Ayurveda, History of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Herbs, Ayurvedic Health, Ayurvedic Plants, Ayurvedic Medicine, Doshas, Dhatus, Malas, Prakritis, Gunas and more...

Native Remedies For the highest quality natural remedies professionally formulated in therapeutic dosages by a leading clinical psychologist.

RA*D*AR Electromagnetic Stabilizer - Test your daily radiation exposure, you may need protection!

NaturalHealthWeb Complete listing of websites and articles on alternative therapies.

Ayurveda Holistic Center Publishers of the Ayurveda Encyclopedia;
2-year certification program leading to BA, MA, PhD; consultations, herbs

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Balance iconAyurveda Almanac is a computer program that provides quick and easy access to holistic information about Ayurveda, tailored specifically for you. Determine your Mind/Body Type to learn about yourself and what nurtures you, and get a Nutrition Guide personalized for you. Learn how to examine your body for early signs of disease before symptoms appear so that you can restore balance in your system and prevent disease. All of this can be done with Ayurveda Almanac!

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Visit our health directory for information on conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, ulcers, and high blood pressure. Catch it before it catches YOU!

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world health
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